Healthy Meals Packed with Flavor 

Garden Gourmet will give you back your evenings. My wholesome vegetarian meals will simplify your life as you enjoy the rich diversity of Bay Area ingredients.
Let Garden Gourmet take care of it all:
           v Menu planning
           v Grocery shopping
           v Cooking in your home
           v Cleaning up
           v Packaging the meals with heating instructions
Whether you work hard and are too exhausted to cook each night, are recovering from an injury or undergoing medical treatment, recently had a baby or just plain hate to cook but want to eat well, Garden Gourmet is your answer.
This affordable service is custom designed with your eating habits and dietary requirements in mind. From black bean patties with a mango habenero sauce to a comforting three-cheese macaroni and cheese. Whether you are a long-time vegetarian, or a meat-eater who values wholesome and scrumptious vegetarian fare, my chef service can satisfy all.
Eating local, sustainably-farmed, organic, seasonal food is an act of resistance against corporate-controlled food production. Garden Gourmet is committed to connecting you to local farmers by using their ingredients to produce meals that will make your belly happy and your conscience feel good.
Serving Bay Area counties Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Marin.
Garden Gourmet is Licensed, Insured and Food-Safety Certified